Custom graphics for any occassion

Getting custom web and print media graphics for your office or home has never been easier and more affordable.

It all starts with your logo/brand.

We live in exciting times in terms of being able reach out with our branded message and reach millions of viewers.

However when considering your brand and your new logo design you will learn that not one logo is good for all media!

At Bright Idea Graphics Design Studio all our logos are created using vector graphics and all our designs are available in a variety of formats depending your the media required.

We combine three properties your new logo

  1. Color(s)
  2. Font Styles
  3. Graphics-Icon(s)

Each blended together to create a your unique and compelling brand.

My personal rule of thumb is that all logo/icon designs must look great in black and white first color can be added to enhance the look and brand.

Meetings, research, mock ups are elements which direct the design's identity. Collaborative work is a necessary part of the design's success, however with all the combined added time of all the people involved its no wonder why developing a logo can cost a company $10,000's.

Save time and money with having your  graphic web design studio and hosting under one roof!

Bright Idea Graphics Online Web and Print Media Design Studio saves you a lot of time and travel expense with our proven and experienced system of design-proofing-publish and shipping  of all printed media around the world with guaranteed results every time.


Recent web and print media design

Whats your bright idea?

Take a moment and fill out our creative brief and we will provide you with a scope of work and budget detail for your approval, free of charge. All work is guranteed.

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